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Stage 5 Leadership Integration


Stage 5 is called Integration to highlight the challenge of bringing a team of capable leaders together.

As the CEO, it’s your job to help those leaders:

Feel comfortable talking about things they haven’t discussed as a group before,
Be able to disagree with each other and find value in each other’s experiences,
Earn each other’s respect

Understand four key concepts to cultivate collaboration:

Share a Coaching Moment
Interact Outside of Work
Learn to be Okay with Conflict
Track Good and Bad Decisions




As a Stage 5 CEO, you’ve already seen your fair share of changes. It’s time to transform your managers into an integrated leadership team. They need to operate as a single unit, focused on the company’s overall goals and strategies, not as a number of independent departments. There’s a subtle difference now that you’ve breached 58 employees. While maintaining a dynamic organization is your number one priority; you have to shift (ever so slightly) into a more visionary role.

Leadership Integration is all about ‘doing things that bring your team together’.

Learn three characteristics that define a great team:

An awareness of unity on the part of all team members.
Interpersonal relationships.
The ability to work toward a common goal.

Laurie’s fifth book explores your role as the CEO to create a clearly defined vision that trickles down and ignites the hearts and minds of each and every employee and explores the challenges of becoming a great leader.

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