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Kate Ripp

Kate Ripp believes that small and mid-size businesses are the back bone of our society. In order for them to thrive, they need to profit year over year and allow their people to flourish and grow, liberating them to be self-confident and take on more responsibility. A combined approach of strategy and action planning with strong leadership and team work is more successful than taking each of these approaches separately.

Kate Ripp works specifically with CEOs, COOs, Directors, Managers and other high level executives that are experiencing:


• Concerns that managers don’t know how to set strategy and execute without resulting in fighting more fires and overlooking the long-term view
• Frustration about a lack of commitment to a common game plan causing ambiguity about direction and priorities
• Overwhelmed by rapid growth causing them to lose a clear view of their game plan
• Concerns that employees are spending time on activities that don’t support the company strategy causing waste and delays
• Exhaustion from people spending time on “busyness”, rushing from task to task resulting in doing things that don’t really matter
• Frustration with not being able to rise above the daily grind which caused an inability to stick to the most important objectives

Mission Critical Teams

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