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Throw Out Strategic Planning

Submitted by Laurie Taylor, president, FlashPoint! Alignment. Engagement. Implementation. Without these a company will flounder. But as many companies get ...
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Your Early Warning System

Submitted by Laurie Taylor, president, FlashPoint! I remember March 2000 when the dotcom economy collapsed. What had started back in ...
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Shad Ali

One of Shad’s core beliefs is that true growth and development comes from an intense understanding of self and a commitment to support and develop the capacity of others to realize their dreams and their potential. With a strong involvement and commitment to community, Shad has coached sports teams and served on several community boards and committees.

Shad is considered a thought leader in areas such as: Leadership; Business Growth; Leading High Performing Teams; Organization Development, Talent Management; Assessment of Behaviour, Motivation, Emotional Intelligence and Core Competencies; Philanthropy and Fundraising; Not-for-profit Management/Leadership.

Founded in 2000 On Purpose Leadership has grown to a multi-faceted company with tremendous success under its belt. We have delivered solutions for clients that have included: Leadership Development; Organization growth & development; Building High Performance Teams; Dynamic Communications; Time Management; First Time Manager (Effective Manager); Leadership Excellence; Sales Excellence; Planning for Success; Personal Effectiveness and Productivity; Emotional Intelligence; Conflict Management; Change Management and a host of other topic areas.

These clients have included a number of leading companies; leading not-for-profit and charitable organizations, municipalities and universities.

Our suite of Assessment tools are founded on a basis of solid research and developed in consultation with world leaders on related subjects.

Led by our President Nowshad (Shad) Ali our team of experts are themselves successful entrepreneurs and business leaders with many years of success. Many of them have multiple degrees and several are involved in other business ventures in addition to their commitment to the On purpose Leadership team. This continues to keep them sharp and ensures their insights and inputs are most relevant and current with today’s realities while based on well-founded research and sound methodologies.

On Purpose Leadership Inc.
P: 306-220-7764


Executive Briefing

Module 1: Growth Curve Specialist Introduction

45 minute webinar explaining the 7 Stages of Growth and the two revenue-producing programs a Growth Curve Specialist uses to help grow their business.

Throw Out Strategic Planning

Submitted by Laurie Taylor, president, FlashPoint!

Alignment. Engagement. Implementation.

Without these a company will flounder. But as many companies get ready to conduct their Strategic Planning Retreats in preparation for the next year, those plans will stall or encounter too many obstacles because of the lack of buy-in or alignment from their team.

I recently presented to 26 CEOs, one was Stage 2, all the others were Stage 4 and above. I began the presentation talking about how this is the time of the year when every business owner starts thinking about their next year. About the new opportunities. About new products. New services. Maybe expanding to new space. Adding more equipment.

I talked about how my business partner and I use to meet for an early run, then sit at our favorite coffee shop in Boulder, CO and talk about our plan for the next year. When we were in Stage 1, we simply brought the plan back and told the team what we were going to do.

As we moved into Stage 3, (2- 34 employees) we started having our employees join in a one-day retreat where we talked about ‘new opportunities’. Reality was, my business partner and I had already discussed our plans and we took care to make sure the results from our ‘retreat’ mapped what we wanted the outcomes to be. As we got even bigger, we hired a ‘business consultant’ to run the strategic planning session for us.

My point is this. All of our efforts were for naught because we didn’t take the time to ‘tap into the intelligence’ of our staff. We didn’t account for their own issues, concerns, priorities. We didn’t take into account how they viewed the growth of our business. We simply talked the talk and it sounded something like this:

We’re pursuing new opportunities and since we are all in this together, according to our strategic plan, this will be a win-win for everyone! So, we just need you to get on board because we’re taking the company to the next level!

Sound familiar?

During the opening of my presentation, I broke this down to make the point that our employees live in a different world than we do and we need to do more to engage them as we work to grow the company.

It looked like this:

CEO: We’re pursuing new opportunities….
Staff: Here we go again!

CEO: We’re all in this together …
Staff: They have no clue what I do!

CEO: According to our strategic plan …
Staff: I have no clue what they do!

CEO: This will be a win-win for everyone …
Staff: I’m tired of not being paid what I’m worth!

CEO: Just need you to get on board …..
Staff: Can’t they see I’m working all the time?!

CEO: We’re taking the company to the next level …
Staff: How big do we have to get?

I got a few laughs and many heads agreeing and several sheepish looks because if you’ve run a company, you know exactly what I’m talking about! We get excited about our new potential, our new opportunities. Our staff not so much.

I’m not against strategic planning. I just firmly believe that to get alignment, engagement and implementation, you have to start with getting key employees involved in fixing the real problems first so you can get people excited about something new.

In many cases, the process I have used for years, starts with the Stages of Growth X-Ray process. This online diagnostic tool, provides critical focus on issues everyone sees, while providing tactical approaches, driven by consensus of priorities, and in a very short time-period, one to two days, provides solutions that everyone agrees to.

Only by going deep into the critical issues the employees feel are creating the pain, will a CEO be able to create alignment. Once you have alignment, because the issues that show up are the issues the team feels are real, you get engagement. And with engagement, and a solid plan of who owns each initiative, you have created a solid plan for implementation.

Your Early Warning System

Submitted by Laurie Taylor, president, FlashPoint!

I remember March 2000 when the dotcom economy collapsed. What had started back in 1969 as ARPANET, had grown into what people called the Internet and the early adopters had jumped on this new technology with a vengeance. Dot Com companies sprung out of nowhere, backed by venture capitalists who wasted no time funding startups that had little if any business plan or vision.

Our company, a marketing communications company, in Boulder, CO had grown with this new trend. As a technology savvy company, we were quick to move from simple FTP sites to creating full blown websites and offering our expertise to other companies who wanted to become ‘Internet-based’. I remember my creative manager had said to me ‘we could create a totally new revenue stream by simply coming up with dot com names and selling them to the highest bidder.’ I should have listened!

With no real strategy, and a non-proven concept – Content WAS NOT King back then – the entire platform collapsed, plunging hundreds of companies into bankruptcy, leaving thousands of people scrambling for work. We were no exception. Hindsight, as they say, is 20-20.

In order to stay ahead of their growth curve, companies need the ability to ‘see around the corner’ and be aware of challenges and opportunities. They need to be able to think about their companies differently, identify problems that are holding them back or making them vulnerable. Our vulnerability was allowing our receivables to get too high and when our clients went belly-up so did their ability to pay us.

There is a tool to help CEOs ‘see around that corner’.  This process, the Stages of Growth X-Ray, provides you and your management team with the ability to:

1. Identify your top 5 challenges and make sure you are addressing your specific challenges for your current stage of growth.
2. Uncover where you are being either too Cautious (slowing down the decision-making process and missing opportunities) or being too Confident (thinking something is going to stay the same and not thinking about the consequences if it doesn’t).
3. Dig deeper into the ‘root cause’ of what your real issues are. Helping you get to the TRUTH of what you and your management team need to think about differently.

With the ability to conduct an X-Ray of your company (similar to what your doctor does to help diagnose what ails you), you basically have an Early Warning System to help you navigate through the challenges that may be creating obstacles to your ability to grow.

Russell Wylie

Russ operates People and Business Insights on Australia’s east coast. They are a mentoring, professional & personal development company with distributors around the country advising and mentoring business leaders and their managers on how to achieve better, more sustainable results in line with their core values.

Russ and his team utilise Axiology (in short, the study of value – of what is good, of clearer decision-making and ethics) as well as the 7 Stages of (business) Growth as core tools to help leaders and companies produce the results they desire. They bring a unique combination of strategy, mentoring, personal and professional development, world-class technologies and real-life experience to their tasks.
They offer a proven approach, with demonstrable results across a broad spectrum of businesses
including small & medium enterprise businesses, franchise groups, sole operators & microbusinesses,
as well as corporations & publicly listed companies, and semi-government bodies
such as ANSTO (… the Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organisation), The Australian
Synchrotron, State Emergency Services NSW, Stroud Homes and many others.

Their unique approach allows businesses to:
1. Predict how growth will impact you and your management team;
2. Focus on doing the right things at the right times;
3. Adapt your leadership style to the specific needs of your organisation as it grows;
4. Identify and work past roadblocks that are holding back sustainable expansion and profit in
your business;
5. Identify “Builders and Protectors” (i.e. the real levels of confidence and caution in your
business), so you can get your people even more engaged, active and productive!

According to Russ, “Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice”, so they don’t recommend possible solutions until they have worked through a businesses key drivers & specific needs, and established relevance & return for the business.

They use technologies, programs & processes such as:
• The Growth Curve X-Ray & Stages of Business Growth Program,
• Advanced Insights Analysis & Coaching Reports customised for Leadership, Emotional
Intelligence, Finance, IT, Sales/Sales Management, Customer Service.
• Adaptive Leadership Structured Mentoring Programs

Russ has a long track record of helping people and businesses transform their results – personally & professionally. He is an experienced mentor & coach to business owners, CEOs, general managers, sales managers and management teams. He works as a trusted advisor to company boards and small business advisory boards. He has built and run a variety of successful businesses. He is a clear thinking former CEO and a national & international award-winning sales manager who brings incisive understanding, astute observation, first class analytical faculty and a unique strategic & street-smart mindset to his role.

People and Business Insights
0433 126 146 (… or +61 433 126 146 from outside Australia)



Murray Video

Dr. David Brown

I support the men and women who lead today’s businesses in the single most important endeavor of their lives: to be free. My clients got into business to be free. But because of human nature, we’re always working on the urgent, and we lose our impact over time, along with our sense of freedom. I help people take it back.

I believe performance begins at the cellular level. When you want to accomplish something, you have to start at the smallest, most basic level. Start at the root, and you can create long-term solutions rather than just temporary ones.

As the Principal, Founder, and Chief Performance Officer of Epiphany Business Advisors––an organizational and development practice that works with selected leaders who are serious about increasing performance and executing change––I provide executive coaching, group facilitation, consulting, and organizational development to leaders in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, IT, manufacturing, marketing and branding, construction, printing, service-based organizations, law, biotech, finance, retail, and more, in non-profit, private equity, publically traded, and family-owned spheres.

The recipient of a Doctorate of Health Science in Leadership and Organizational Behavior from A.T. Still University, I am one of only a few dozen active listener and growth curve specialists in the United States with expertise in the James Fischer Growth Curve model. At Epiphany, we welcome new challenges and clients who 1) are lifelong learners; 2) are good and brave enough to receive feedback; 3) have intention with integrity; 4) are servant leaders; and 5) are green and growing, always looking to improve.

Epiphany Business Advisors, LLC

Ron Brewster

Ron came into Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in 1987. Aside from three years on staff at a Foursquare church in Roseburg, Oregon as the College Pastor and Admin Pastor, his career has been largely dedicated to YWAM. In 2002 he became the Director at YWAM Montana. He served in the position through 2010. He co-founded Leadership13 a coaching/mentoring work dedicated to developing servant leaders for lasting growth.

In June 2011, Ron received a Master’s of Arts in Leadership. Ron has had the privilege of traveling to 50 countries, teaching and training, both as an individual and with his family. He has been married to Jeanette for 22 years and he has two children Meraiah and Sebastian. Currently Ron is the Managing Director at YWAM San Diego/Baja and serves on 4 Youth With A Mission boards globally. He enjoys golfing, reading, traveling, movies and ethnic food.


Youth With a Mission San Diego/Baja
Chula Vista, CA